By Baker Jacinto (Author), Deidra Rae (Author)

Conscious Abilities Synopsis:[They] don’t want us to know that we have more power than we’ve been made aware of – because when we are aware of our greatness, our power, our sovereignty, we will no longer need them and they will lose the power and control they have known for so long.

The knowledge [they] have kept hidden from you. Quantum Physics has proven it. Imagine combining “The Secret,” with Religion, Spirituality, Quantum Physics, and the wisdom of Ancient Teachers; along with Human Physiology.

A journey through the self. The authors created an amazingly brilliant guide to get you through your mind, heart, and soul. Whether you have traveled through the world of self-guided help and enlightenment before, or you are brand new in this journey, this book is everything you need. It takes an epic and legendary approach; gently and candidly leads you through without judgment. It explains the science behind what the ancients knew, in a simple and logical easy-to-understand way.

The idea of connecting with the authentic self of one’s true nature is described in a very inspiring language in this timeless book. Filled with information that will shock, guide, and inspire every person that reads this one of a kind legendary book. Reading it once is not enough. It is a book that you can rely on to change your world every single time you read it. This book will not only change your world, but it can help everyone work together and repair humanity.


What The Critics Say



I gave away my book before even finishing it because ITS THAT GOOD…

I have NEVER given a book away before completing it but the young soul who picked it up off of my table was so engulfed in it’s word that I knew the universe had bigger plans for me and your writing! Just budgeted to buy 10 more to do a book study.
I cannot express my gratitude for the work, love, dedication and research put into this literary masterpiece of GOLD.” -BisBake


Great, soul filling read!

“I read this book. It was insightful as well as perceptive. It was a journey of peace for me. It is amazing to find an author/ Authors who can take so many of the the ideals I believe in and feel everyday spiritually and put them so beautifully into words.”

-Dan Ticehurst

Educate your Soul.

“This book was incredible. By incredible I mean you just can’t read it once. The amount of profound growth and enlightenment in the pages are mind blowing, humbling, and deeply moving. This a book you will use for life.”

-Amy B.